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Ortho Congress 2016

Sessions and Tracks

Conference series LLC International invites all the participants across the globe to attend Global Ortho Congress scheduled during December 08-10, 2016 at Philadelphia, USA. Ortho Congress 2016 is a remarkable event which brings together a unique and international mix of  Orthopaedic Surgeons, Podiatrist, Orthopaedic Nurses, Rheumatologist, large and medium companies /industries, leading universities and research institutions making the conference a perfect platform to share experience, Poster collaborations across industry and academia, and evaluate emerging technologies across the globe.

Topic-1: Orthopaedic Surgery

Orthopaedic Surgery is a branch of Surgery which mainly deals with the surgery of bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles and nerves etc. They use both surgical and non-surgical methods to treat various disorders like Tumours, Spine diseases, Fractures, Sprains, Arthritis, Dislocation, Osteoporosis etc. The Orthopaedic Surgeons diagnose the problem using X-rays, MRI, arthroscopy, blood testing etc and treat the injuries with medications or surgery and recommend exercises or physiotherapy to gain the lost movement, flexibility: and immobilizing fractured bones with the use of braces, splints, and casts.

Some of the most important operations that are conducted by the Orthopaedic Surgeons are

The recovery percentage of the people who have undergone Orthopaedic surgery mainly depends upon factors like age, general health, the medical problem being treated etc. Abnormal results from this orthopaedic surgery include redness, persistent pain, and drainage or bleeding in surgical area, incomplete restoration of the movement, surgical wound infections etc.


Topic-2: Orthopaedic Nursing

An orthopaedic nurse takes care of the patient who is suffering from musculoskeletal diseases. The main description of the job done by orthopaedic nurses are taking care of the people who  have suffered from bone fractures, arthritis and a host of other bone and muscle.  related problems, people who have just had joint replacement surgeries, and people who suffer from degenerative diseases. They are responsible for administering treatments and medications, as well as post-operation care. They also help with monitoring neurovascular status, performing external fixation care, casting and continuous motion therapy. Orthopaedic nurses’ roles can also include helping patients with therapy and assistance for faster recuperation. They also provide home care and assist patients with personal tasks sometimes. These nurses may work in orthopaedic units of hospitals, clinics and nursing facilities. They may also work with sports teams, fitness centers, or set up their own private clinic.

Qualities of an Orthopaedic Nurse:

  • An orthopaedic nurse must be sensitive to other people’s feelings and reactions 
  • They should also have an earnest zeal to help other people.
  • It is also very important that orthopaedic nurses understand musculoskeletal functions
  • They must be good at problem solving and taking proactive decisions especially in the absence of the orthopaedic doctor. etc

Topic-3: Podiatry

Podiatry is a branch of medicine mainly deals with the areas of foot and ankle. Now a days foot problems have become common everywhere. These foot problems are generated mainly due to anatomic disorders or systemic disorders. The foot and ankle are the most frequently injured part in our body. According to the recent survey done by Walter Reed Medical center, more than 20000 ankle sprains occur each day worldwide. The main symptoms of this Foot and Ankle disorders are

  • Sprains(injury to ligaments)
  • Fractures
  • Tendonitis(inflammation of the tendons)
  • Arthritis (chronic inflammation of joints) etc.

Mainly people who are suffering from Diabetes should be very careful about these deformities. They should check their own feet once a day.  Highlights of this session include fractures and tendonitis, Tarsal tunnel syndrome Freiberg disease, Onychomycosis, Toe injuries and Disorders, Burning feet syndrome, Sprains and strains etc

Topic-4: Transplantation

Transplantation is moving of an organ from one body to another or from a donor site to another location on the own body, to replace the recipient's damaged or absent organ. This Orthopaedic transplantation mainly involves transplantation of important parts in musculoskeletal like bones, knee, ligaments tendons etc. Transplantation has increased the longevity and quality of life of patients with end-stage failure of the organs.

Orthopaedic Transplantation mainly involves the transplantation of

Bone or tissue transplanted from one part of a person's body to another part is called an auto graft. Bone or tissue transplanted from the body of one person to another person is called an allograft. The term graft is commonly used to refer to either an allograft or an auto graft.


Topic-5: Prosthetics and Orthotics

It is a branch of medicine which involves assessment and treatment of physical and functional limitations of the people resulting from people and disabilities, including limb amputations. Orthotist / prosthetists are trained to prescribe, design, and fit artificial limbs and braces.

A prosthetist designs, creates and fits artificial limbs on patients who are missing a part or all of a limb. An orthotist, on the other hand, fits braces and other devices to enhance the movement and function of a patient's limbs or spine. An orthotist/prosthetist can make and fit both prosthetics and orthotics.

These are mainly used in the conditions like:

  • To control or for limiting an body movement
  • To reduce an weight bearing forces
  • To assist the body part after the recovery
  • To correct the shape of the disabled part

An Orthotist designs, fabricates, and fits custom-made orthopaedic braces, or "orthoses", and fits pre-fabricated devices, and provides related patient care and prosthetists designs, fabricates, and fits custom-made artificial limbs, or prostheses, and provides related patient care.


Topic-6: Rheumatic Diseases

Rheumatism is described as painful conditions which affect joints, bones, cartilage, tendons, ligaments and muscles.  More than 100 diseases are classified as rheumatic diseases, including many types of arthritis. Rheumatic pain is almost always localized It may be localized to one region of the body (e.g., one shoulder girdle) or to a single structure at multiple sites (e.g., the peripheral joints). 

Rheumatic diseases, also called musculoskeletal diseases, are characterized by pain and   reduction in the range of motion and function in one or more areas of the musculoskeletal system. In some diseases there are signs of inflammation: swelling, redness, warmth in the affected areas. Rheumatic diseases can also affect internal organs

The major rheumatic disorders currently recognized include


About Conference

It is our immense pleasure to welcome you to the Global Ortho Congress during December 08-10, 2016 Philadelphia, USA. The conference will be organized around the theme “New emerging trends and breakthroughs in Global Orthopaedics”. Conference series LLC and Ortho Congress 2016 invites Podiatrists, Orthopaedicians, Orthopaedic Nurses, Orthopaedic Transplantation Surgeons,  renowned scientists, physicians, surgeons, young researchers, industrial delegates and talented student communities under one  roof where networking and global partnering happens for the acceleration of future research.

Orthopaedics is a branch of medicine deals with the study of, diagnosis, and medical treatment for the disorders of the musculoskeletal system, which is made up of your body's bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, and muscles. The For a few people this turns out good but for rather a couple of an damage of some form causes a slight change within the balance and gait of their wander. The Global Ortho Congress 2016 aims to provide an insight about the latest advancement and treatment modalities in the field of Bones, Joints, Ligaments, surgeries and other associated aspects.

ConferenceSeries Ltd Organizes 300+ Scientific Conferences every year across USA, Europe & Asia. Besides 500 Peer reviewed, Open Access Journals, Conference series LLC has collaborated with more than 1000 Scientific Associations and institutions worldwide to promote information on health care and technologies. These journals are enjoying the support of over 5 million readers; a team of 30.000 eminent scholars are providing editorial support.

Why to attend

Conference series LLC is set to organize Global Ortho Congress this year with a view to enhance research and promote awareness aiming in developing solutions for the challenges encountered. Ortho Congress 2016 will comprise of many leading keynote speakers and session speakers who will be delivering their speech on the current research topics of Orthopaedic transplantation, Orthopaedic Nursing, novel transplantation methods, Podiatry, and other technologies related to Orthopaedics and other risk factors associated with the Orthopaedics. The young researchers and the student participants will gain the opportunity to grab the Best Poster Award by presenting their work as a poster presentation and Young Researcher Forum.

  Target Audience

  •   Orthopaedic Surgeons
  •   Podiatrist
  •   Orthopaedic Nurses
  •   R&D Companies
  •   Healthcare companies
  •   Entrepreneurs
  •   Research Scholars
  •   Scientist
  •   Healthcare Innovators
  •   Physician
  •   Academic Researchers
  •    Professional Service Professionals


Market Analysis

Ortho Congress 2016

(Theme: New emerging trends and breakthroughs in Global Orthopaedics)


Conference series LLC welcomes all the delegates’, participants, exhibitors, and speakers to the Global Ortho Congress 2016 which is going to be held in Philadelphia, USA during December 08-10, 2016. This is going to be an informative conference which mainly deals with the Latest trends in the surgeries of the Orthopaedics. Eminent speakers of different countries are going to participate and share their views. The organizing committee is engaged in conducting this conference along with poster presentations, workshops, lectures, symposia etc. We invite you to attend our conference and experience the mesmerizing content of our conference and gain knowledge from it. We are eagerly waiting to meet you at Philadelphia, USA

For more details please visit:

Importance and Scope

Orthopaedics is an ancient art of healing the problems related to bones, joints ligaments etc. As the number of cases related to the Orthopaedics is increasing so it gained more importance in the field of medicine. In our conference we and our organizing committee is going to deal with the latest technologies used in the healing of Orthopaedics  problems, and its related branches and different types of methods to cure it, new advancement in the surgeries etc. It’s a better to interact with the famous personalities to clarify your doughts regarding the topic.

Market Research:

The Orthopaedic market research report states that demand for Orthopaedicians will likely benefit from healthcare reform. There will be Subsides for the people having low income, increasing the number of insured patients etc.  As the number of insured patients increases, demand increases for all services in medicine especially Orthopaedics.  Additionally, industry demand for treatment of Orthopaedic ailments will be aided by the rising incidence of diabetes as well as the aging people an increase in the number of people living in medical homes, nursing facilities and/or spending time in hospitals is increasing. So, of course will the number of trained professionals staffing them. According to Unites states department of labour, in a study on the Orthopaedicians; there are approximately 20,400 licensed Orthopaedicians in the United States only. Survey reveals that 25 out of 1000 people are suffering from Orthopaedic Problem.  So to compensate this Orthopaedicians in the market are increasing day by day


Why Philadelphia, USA?

Philadelphia is the largest city in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania and fifth most populous in USA. It is located in the north-eastern United States, at the confluence of the Delaware and Schuylkill rivers. The city covers 141.6 square miles (367 km). Philadelphia became economic and Cultural valley of Delaware valley for its growing liberal political values and the city has earned a reputation as a historic city, a view which has proceeded into the 21st century.

 Philadelphia is home to a diverse history of artists and arts organizations, and it is seat of its own country. It is now fast becoming the regional capital for healthcare as well. Due to the popularity related to Orthopaedic devices and cases are increasing in USA, Philadelphia, is set to become the hub for specialized Orthopaedics and a center for medical education and research. 

 List of Hospitals & Research Center:

Out of top Orthopaedic specialists in America maximum of them are from Philadelphia. Almost in all hospitals Orthopaedic is available. Some of the hospitals are below

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

  • Thomas Jefferson University Hospital                      
  • Rothman Institute                                        
  • UPMC Presbyterian Shadyside                                 
  • Temple Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine                              
  • Coopers Bone and Joint Institute                             
  • Orthopaedic Center at Bryn Mawr Hospital                                


  • Mayo Clinic, Rochester
  • Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland
  • AIIMS, New Delhi, India
  • Baptist Health Medical Center, England
  • North Mississippi Medical Center, Egypt
  • Pikeville Medical Center, Canada


Figure 1: List of Hospital and Research Centre


 Major Orthopaedic Associations and Society:

The Philadelphia Orthopaedic associates and American Orthopaedic Association and Rothman Orthopaedic Association are the biggest in USA. For more information please go through some of the major Orthopaedic associations and societies in Philadelphia, USA and Worldwide. 

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA                                                                

        • American Orthopaedic Association                                          

        • Rothman Orthopaedic Association                                             

        • Philadelphia Orthopaedic Association                  

        • Orthopaedic Surgery and Rehabilitation Associates                                   

        • Pennsylvania Orthopaedic Society


  • British Orthopaedic Association
  • Australian Orthopaedic Association
  • Canadian Orthopaedic Association
  • Hong Kong Orthopaedic Association
  • Indian Orthopaedic Association

Companies Associated with Orthopaedics:

 Here are some of the companies associated with Orthopaedics

• Ortho-McNeil-Janssen Pharmaceuticals

• Cilag

• Sharma Pharmaceuticals

• Cortina

 • Big pharma Manufacture

 • Abbott

 • Novartis

 • Glaxosmith


Figure 2: Orthopaedic Industries and Companies (Worldwide and Philadelphia)


Top Universities of Orthopaedics:

Here is the list for some of the top Universities related with Orthopaedic worldwide and in USA


  •  UCSF School of Medicine
  •  Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
  •  Michigan Medical School
  •  George Washington University
  •  University of Pennsylvania
  •  University of Washington
  •  Vermont College of Medicine
  •  University of Virginia Health system
  • Indiana University School of Medicine



  • University of Salford, England 
  • Canadian Orthopaedic University
  • Medizinesche Hochschule Hannover, Germany
  • Cairo University
  • Mahsa University Malaysia


Figure 3: University associated with Orthopaedics (Worldwide and Philadelphia, USA)


Glance at Market and Funding for Orthopaedics:

Medical doctors, patients and health care providers consider the prevention of Orthopaedic diseases as an essential tool to improve the general health status of the population and the proportion of people suffering from Orthopaedic disease will be increased rapidly by 2020. An survey states that presently 1700 companies are under Orthopaedic market. In USA the revenue obtained due to Orthopaedics or orthopaedic devices is $108 billion. It will be also increased in the coming years.  


Figure 4: Target Audience


Statistics of Universities, Companies and Associations Worldwide associated with Orthopaedics

Figure 5: Statistics of Universities, Companies and Associations


Projections: Growth by next 5-10 years:

The Global market for Orthopaedics is expected to reach $150 billion by the end of 2020. Over the past five years the Orthopaedic industry had steeped in to a right path way. And in the upcoming years it’s going to be a great support to the people suffering from different orthopaedic problems. It is said that only in America Orthopaedic industry had cured 55% of the Orthopaedic problems than rest of the world. There is also special equipment used in the surgeries of Orthopaedics. The Orthopaedic associations are also taking care to raise these equipment’s in a faster way to reach the people as soon as possible. As the number of cases related to the Orthopaedics is increasing so it gained more importance in the field of medicine. The American Orthopaedic association is playing a vital role to increase the funds towards the Orthopaedic department. By the next upcoming years we can see a drastic increase in the growth of Orthopaedic worldwide


Past Conference Report

Sports Nutrition and Ortho Congress-2016

Sensing the raising importance of Orthopedics and Sports Nutrition, Conference series LLC International hosted the Sports Nutrition and Ortho Congress” (SNOC-2016), scheduled from December 08-09, 2016 in Philadelphia, USA with a theme “’New trends in ortho and Understanding the critical role of nutrition and supplements in enhancing metabolism for optimal sporting activity”.  Benevolent response and active participation was received from the Editorial Board Members of ConferenceSeries Ltd Journals as well as from the Orthopedic project managers, Orthopaedicians, Sports Nutritionist, Researchers, scientists, doctors, students and leaders from the fields of Orthopedics , Sports Nutrition, who made this event successful.

The meeting was carried out through various sessions, in which the discussions were held on the following thought provoking and cerebrating scientific tracks:

The conference was embarked with an opening ceremony followed by workshop and a series of lectures delivered by both Honorable Guests and members of the Keynote forum. The adepts who promulgated the theme with their exquisite talk were;

Dr. Ibrahim Aboumira, Lecturer of Orthopedic, Al-Azhar University, Egypt

Dr. Antonio Luiz Gonçalves Brandao, COT-Martagao, Brazil

Dr. Mark Willems, Professor, University of Chichester, UK

Young Researchers:

·         Title: Functional Outcome of distal Femoral Shaft Fractures after fixation with Tibial Nails

Seddig Mohammed, Umm Alqura University,

·         Title: Cool dudes’ and African body-image- sports food and energy drink consumption in a sports-resource-deficient urban area in South Africa

Darlene Miller, University of Witwatersrand, South Africa

·         Title: A yeast Fermentate prevents adverse effects of heat stress


Henri Alexandre Giblot Ducray, Auburn University, USA



ConferenceSeries Ltd offers its heartfelt appreciation to Societies and Organizations, Organizing Committee Members, adepts of field, various outside experts, company representatives and other eminent personalities who interlaced in supporting and making the conference as never before one.

Your rejoinder is our inspiration; keeping this motto in mind and being witnessed the triumph of Sports Nutrition and Ortho Congress 2016 is delighted to announce the next event.  Mark your calendars for the upcoming extravaganza," Annual Ortho Summit" to be held during October 29-30, 2017, Atlanta, USA.

Keynote Forum


Posters &Accepted Abstracts

 For More details:



To Collaborate Scientific Professionals around the World

Conference Date December 8-09,2016 ( 6 Plenary Forums - 1Event)

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